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The Original Rayma Balance Bracelet, initially developed for aches & pains, also offers the proven beneficial effects of negative ions. This was the very first Bracelet of its kind on the market and although its looks have been copied by many, it has never been duplicated. Our Technology is patent protected.

Based on the same principles as Chinese acupuncture, the Rayma Balance Bracelet balances the body’s positive and negative charges, promoting good health & wellness throughout the entire body.

Millions have reported how much better they feel when wearing it. Simply put, IT WORKS. We even Guarantee it.

Tom Kayrower

Three time World Champion and double Olympian,
Tom Kay wears a Rayma Bracelet . He believes that
its properties help offset the re-occurrence of the
Chronic Fatigue he suffered in 1998.

“I believe that the Rayma Bracelet helps me boost
my immune system and aid me in my recovery from training, helping me to realize the goal of competing
in my third Olympics.”